Jo Jo’s Pizza Review – Delavan, Wisconsin

Jo Jo’s Pizza Review

Jo Jo's Pizza ReviewI knew I had to be in this part of the state the other day, it’s the “lake country” of Southern Wisconsin.  I had scoped out a couple of potential pie places to visit, both old-timey, been around forever, small-town kind of pizza.  The only problem with my quest, is that the hours for both of them as shown on their website were WRONG, they didn’t open til later and I wasn’t about to hang around.

So I started down the road back to the place I was visiting in Walworth, Wisconsin, and finding nothing on the way there, except a lonely Little Caesars, and what would be the point of that, I was prepared to admit failure for the day’s pizza run.

A flash went on in what few brain cells I have left.  Did I pass a place out in the sticks that said pizza?  Or did it say BBQ? Or tacos?  I retraced my steps down the highway and came to this little place, really out in the middle of nowhere, Jo Jo’s.

I went in, perused the menu, glanced at the slices they had available to judge whether or not the pie was going to meet my usual guidelines (seemed so) and I ordered.  A 16″ thin crust sausage and green olive.

About fifteen minutes later, or less, out it came, piping hot in the box, as I juggled it carefully walking back to the car. (I have experienced in the past, doing this and the pizza ending up upside down on the parking lot). (No, that didn’t stop me from eating it).

Took a pic of the pie on the trunk, moved it to the front seat, opened my beverage, and set to work.  This pizza was made as if I have given very specific instructions as to my “likes.”

Cracker thin crust, hand-pulled flavorful sausage, tasty olives, mounds of cheese and a smattering of Italian herbs.  Perfect. I wouldn’t have objected if the sausage chunks were a little bigger, but not a complaint, really.

Wisconsin pizzas JUST TASTE BETTER.  I don’t know why.  Closer to the cheese source (humor).

Jo Jo appears to be an enterprising guy (or woman).  In addition to pizza, they have a very long menu, with sandwiches, pasta, entrees.  Out back there was parked a food truck for tacos.  Ambition.  The American dream.  Gotta love it.

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Jo Jo’s Pizza Review

Jo Jo’s Pizza Review