Life of Pi – Movie Review

I don’t usually review movies on this web site, unless the central theme of the film is food (like “Big Night”).  However I want to talk about this one, because it being the holiday season and all, I thought a movie all about pie would be fun, and hoped it would feature my favorite “pecan.”

Alas, no such luck.  There wasn’t a single slice mentioned in this cinematic effort, and food themes were limited to a) gravy, b) a rat, and c) a carnivore island.

Nevertheless, I recommend you see this movie.  It describes the struggle of a young man to survive a shipwreck, which occurs when his family is moving from India to Canada.

As the young man battles to merely survive, the power of his faith, and the lessons of his father are recounted.

The Life of Pi is beautifully shot by Chilean Claudio Miranda (Fight Club, The Game), and masterfully directed by Ang Lee (Brokeback Mountain, Eat Drink Man Woman).

Suraj Sharma plays Pi to the hilt, and although this movie was 75% green screen and CGI, his ability to play to that shines through.

Life of Pi.  See it.  Expect no pecan, but you’ll be emotionally satiated.

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