Little Caesars Deep Dish Review

Little Caesars Deep Dish reviewFriday evenings were “movie night” at the BurgerDogBoy household in Iowa, back in the day.  Me, Burgerdogdaughter, and her mother would congregate in the basement of our house, in front of my silly extravagance of a 72″ Sony, pop in a rented VHS, welcome our friends Barry, Maureen, and baby boy, who was the same age as our daughter, watch a flick and have some pizza.

Generally, the pizza was from Little Caesars, which, at the time, was in serious growth mode and promoting their “Pizza! Pizza” concept, of two pizzas for the price of the competitor’s single, and packaged in an extra long box that accommodated both pies.

Burgerdogdaughter is now creeping up on 30, and it’s been almost that long since I imbibed in a Little Caesar’s pizza.  The chain has had their ups and downs, since being started in 1959  Detroit by husband and wife team Mike and Marian Ilitch.  Fortunes have mostly been on the upside, as the parent company Ilitch Enterprises, owns, in addition to the pizza company, the Detroit Red Wings, the Detroit Tigers, a casino and a host of other businesses.

The pizza outfit has kept evolving, and based on a special limited time offer five years ago, of having a single topping pizza “hot and ready” all the time, for five bucks, has made that the cornerstone of their business these days.  Any hour of the day, you can walk in and get a large pepperoni for a fin, on the spot.  At some locations, they offer other choices, as well, and at some locations, they have a relatively new offering, the one I tried, a two-fer double deep dish pepperoni for $8.

The pies are square, and cut in such a manner that every piece is an edge.  Apparently people like that in pizzas as well as brownies.

How’s the pie?  It’s ok, and a good value at $8.  Better tasting, to my palate, that similarly priced products from national chains.  It’s a lot of bread, this crust, which usually I don’t care for, but this was passable for me.  The “all edge” concept produces some crispy crusts, which is graced with a buttery flavor.  The sauce is slightly sweet, cheese is adequate, pepperoni is flavorful.

Would I buy it again?  It’s a good ‘road-trip’ or picnic pizza, comforting to know you can grab something like this to go.  Of course you can still order a custom-built pie at Little Caesar’s by calling in (no online ordering).  These also offer oven baked wings with a variety of dipping sauces, and cheese bread.  Pepsi products are on hand.

A locator is on their website.

Little Caesars Deep Dish Review




Little Caesars Deep Dish Review


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