Little Caesar’s “Pizza Pizza”


I suppose they don’t use that tag anymore (pizza! pizza!) do they?  Little Caesar’s hook in the early days was you got two pizzas (even different toppings) for the price of one, and they came wrapped in a special “double package.”    The last time I ordered from Little Caesars was 1985, I know this because I had just spawned, and we and another couple in similar condition had a Friday nite routine at our house, two Little Caesar’s, and two rented videos on the big screen.  Ah, simpler days.

I didn’t even realize LCs was still around until I recently spotted a store quite near my home, and I only spotted that because they often have a “sign spinner” out on the street, touting their latest hook:  A fresh, always ready  large pepperoni pizza to go for $5.  The slogan is “Hot and Ready.”

Tooling around I-5 in the middle of the night, I was craving a pie, and saw a LCs, and figured “what the hell, how bad can it be?”

I went into the store, the clerk asked how she could help me, and I said “what have you got “Hot and Ready?”

To my astonishment, she reeled off a fairly long list of combo pizzas, ranging from |$5 – $8, plus a couple of varieties of pizza bread and wings.

I opted for the large 3 meat (sausage, pepperoni, and bacon) pizza for $8. It WAS hot and fresh.  I was quite suprised that it was actually pretty good, better than Pizza Hut and Dominos for sure, and check out the ample toppings.    The bacon flavor was prominent, which was nice.  The crust is a might thicker than I prefer, but achieved the crunchy and chewy test at the same time.  Cheese was fine, there could always be more, IMHO, and the sauce was flavorful, but a little on the “sweet” side for me.   I sure don’t see how they sell these at these prices.

So for $5, which is less than you would pay for a “quality”  frozen pizza, and certainly less than a take and bake, if you passing by on the way home, or have kids waiting, why the heck not?   Get three for less than the price (probably) of one or your favorite locally delivered ones!

Side note:  I was amused to see across the street from LCs a video rental store called “Video Station.”  Not sure if it is affiliated, but many will remember Video Station was the very first national video rental store, long before Blockbuster.  They sold a turnkey package of store fixtures, movie titles (at $80 a pop per, remember those days?) and you were instantly in the video rental business.   Especially funny to me because back there in 85, Video Station was right across from LCs in my town.


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