Living in Little Rooms

I am living  in a little room, a self-contained single person quarters as it were.  I have lived in many little rooms all over the world, in Chicago,  Hong Kong, Guangzhou, London, Hong Kong again, New Orleans, La Jolla, CA, and now this one.

I like my little rooms.  My first little room in London was VERY little, top floor, angled ceilings, and had to duck to get in the bed.  Then later I moved down to the bottom floor, which my girlfriend dubbed “the bigger little room.”

My favorite was the last time I was in Hong Kong, it was a complete apartment in about 225 square feet.  Had a combo washer/dryer, shower, toilet, stove, frig, bed, tv, bookshelves.   It was high above a Chinese restaurant, and in the afternoons, big wafts of garlic came up the side of the building. I liked that.  Right now, in Portland, OR, 200 sf efficiency apartments are the hot thing.  They are downtown and rent for about $700 a month.  Cool and convenient.

My only problem with my little rooms, is I usually have too much stuff for them, so baggage has to double as furniture, sometimes.  It was the worst in La Jolla, I had a path from the bed to the bath and the kitchenette.

Little rooms provide me with a simple, (usually) uncluttered life.  I sleep when I want, eat when I want, I don’t answer to anyone, don’t have to worry about anybody else’s happiness or unhappiness, my clock isn’t governed by some pet’s needs.

There is a new little room coming in my future.  I am not sure where it is yet.  But I am looking forward to it.

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