Los Angeles, CA – Lable’s Table (Label’s Table)

Deli, delly, delhi, dilly. And apparently the same can go for a proper names, according to the restaurant’s website, there is a variety of ways to spell their name. Confusing for finding. Not for eating.

I was in the mood for NHNP (no hamburgers, no pizza) and wanted something transportable to the motel. A sandwich seemed like a good idea, but I wanted something nearby.

Wandering around Calabasas, looking for a Kardashian or two, I came up empty, but rolled into the strip mall just off the 101 on Mulholland, and spotted Label’s.

Label’s started in West LA and expanded to a couple of Valley locations, Calabasas, and Tarzana. Their website text makes reference to the Tarzana location, but it’s not listed in the “location” drop down menu, so not sure if that’s still open.

I basically knew I wanted a cold sandwich, but the menu, like most traditional deli menus, was lengthy, and I wanted to make sure I didn’t overlook something exciting.

Although the “Chopped Vegetable Salad” sounded interesting (gag), I went with a plain old roast beef on rye, eschewing even my usual mustard, when the counterman asked if I wanted same. I know not whilst I make these kind of decisions. Sandwiches come with your choice of fries, slaw, potato salad or fruit, add rings for 75 cents.

Apparently bread or roll substitutions might incur a small surcharge as well.

The sandwich was overstuffed, beautiful lean roast beef, and an ample serving of thick cut fries was included.  The rye was fresh, soft, and flavorful.   I’m happy I passed on condiments, allowed me to fully savor the taste of excellent quality, excellently prepared roast beef.   Believe it or not, I remember when Arby’s sandwiches used to look like this, decades ago!   But no more (sigh).

Fortunately there are places like Label’s where one can stil get a good, honest sandwich, and buy bulk meats that aren’t pressed, chopped, formed, and brine injected.

I highly recommend Label’s.

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