Maders Restaurant Review – Milwaukee, WI

Maders Restaurant Review There’s a gaggle of old-timey German restaurants in Milwaukee.  Last trip, I went to the Kegel Inn, which was excellent in every way.

This trip is was Mader’s, I daresay Milwaukee’s oldest, dating back to 1902. Very traditional menu with minor updates to woo the millenials, one would guess.

I started with the pretzel and weisswurst appetizer.  This wurst is a traditional Bavarian sausage made from minced veal and pork back bacon. It is usually flavored with parsley, lemon, mace, onions, ginger, and cardamom, but there are regional variations. In any case, it was perfect for me, flavorful, nice casing, nice grind, good texture.

Then I moved into their version of “schnitzel on a bun.” I’ll order schnitzel nearly anytime or anywhere I see it, even if some places it’s called chicken fried steak!  It was on a pretzel roll, with tomato “jam” (removed by me – too strong I thought) and accompanied by (my choice) house-made chips, which are just excellent, and accompanied by a caramelized onion and bacon dipping sauce, which is so tasty you might want to chug it.  Well,  I would, but people were watching.  The sandwich was excellent, quality meat, crispy seasoned breading, the roll substantial enough to hold anything you’d choose to load atop the patty.

Tablemate had a Reuben, to which I opined, why is that German?  She wove her own tale of its Bavarian origin, which I had to shoot down by letting her know it was invented in OMAHA.

Who cares?  Two lunches, two beverages, $33 plus tip. Free valet parking, too.

Attentive, but not overbearing service from Thomas.  Catering and event rooms on hand.

I’d go again.  I will go again.  BTW? If you’re hungry for a little more sausage, iconic local sausage maker Usingers is across the street and have a small retail operation on site.

Maders Restaurant Review

Pretzel/wurst appetizer


Maders Restaurant Review

Schnitzelwich and chips





Full menu online.

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Maders Restaurant Review Maders Restaurant Review

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