Marengo Cafe Review – Marengo, IL

Marengo Cafe ReviewBack in Illinois for the first foal auction of the Spring.  Need me a new horsey or two.

The restaurant?  It’s perfectly fine, plates come with free soup, and they have a coat rack.  Usual diner/coffee shop fare, attentive and adequate service, and value for your buck. That’s about the best I can say for the Marengo Cafe, a place I wasn’t planning on going.

They have low-priced complete meals on Sundays, like roast turkey or beef.  The entire menu (breakfast, lunch, and dinner items is available during all opening hours.  Can’t say for sure, but believe they shut down after the lunch “rush.”

Your Marengo Cafe experience starts with a complimentary cracker basket.

“Regular” sandwiches are accompanied by the free soup, and chips.  Add a buck for fries, the extruded mashed potato type.  Great pickles, hearty-sliced dill chips.

Good coffee, and they keep the coffee and water coming until you say “uncle.”   Ample condiment selection.

It’s probably a “Sysco-type” beef patty, the char marks were too uniform and the ‘grill flavor’ probably came from liquid smoke.

But hey, not all burgers can be great ones, or we wouldn’t know a great one when we stumbled into it, would we?

Marengo Cafe Review


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Marengo Cafe Review

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