Marios Pizza and Restaurant Review, Albuquerque, NM –

(Editor note – I am currently traveling and will be mostly posting reviews that I left unfinished for one reason or another, while building up a repertoire of the new places I hit!  There will also be reviews from some new reporters we have signed up).

Local favorite, going on 50 years, I was delighted to get to try it, as it has a good rep.

Spoiler alert.  I don’t know why it has a good rep.  Hand tossed crusts, and surely house-made tomato sauce, but the upside stops there.  The sauce was flavorless (meaning it is crushed and pureed tomatoes, without a hint of herbs or spices), and is probably the same product they sell by the jar as a pasta sauce.

Sausage was pre-cooked crumbles, and the pepperoni was oily and cupped, indicating a high fat content, and a low price.  Skimpy on the toppings, as well.

Mario’s would do in a pinch, if one were in Albuquerque and being pinched.   For me, that thankfully only happens once every five years or so.

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Marios Pizza and Restaurant Review

Marios Pizza and Restaurant Review

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