Mary Had a Little Lamb (Until Y’day)

Our friends from Brenalan Farm dropped off our lamb order yesterday.  We have 25 pounds of chops, stew meat, ground, and various awful things.  Ooops, you know I meant “offal.”   Wish we had a dog.

I have not been much of a lamb eater in this lifetime, unless it came in a giro, gyro, gee-row, heeer-ro, one of them there things.   While I always have liked those, I grew especially fond of them while living in the 10th arrondisement in Paris, because it was one of the few street food things I could order without missing a beat.  (My French is…how you say?…..zeee terrible!).

And of course, that’s pressed chopped and formed lamb stuff, not right off the hoof like these packages.   I didn’t notice if there was one with fur in it. I’ll have to look.

So anyway, we’re going to give a bunch of ours away to friend that really love the stuff, and they are all excited and wet thinking about that.

I will keep a mess o the ground, and make some burgers, and stuff some sausages.   I am gonna try and make the sausages taste like gyro meat, think I would like that.    And rooting around in some old papers the other day, I found a recipe I used to seduce a woman from Spain – for a lamb stew with a lot of herbs, and I seem to recall that was pretty tasty.  But my memory may be clouded by the rest of that evening.

Our Green Acres buddies also brought some “polish” sausage and a salami (more like a summer sausage), or, if you like, just a ‘soft’ salami.

Haven’t broken into the polish yet, but have had a bite or twelve of the salami,  very tasty.  And here’s the rub (not that kind):  it’s made from a llama.   The four legged kind, not the Keanu Reeves kind.   Like most ho-made game sausages, these are mixed with some ratio of pork, though that ratio is unknown to all parties concerned.

And why do I have to know it’s anything except delicious?  I don’t!

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