McDonalds Chicken Select Tenders Review

McDonalds Select Tenders ReviewApparently, this product was around before, I wasn’t aware of it.  It’s back for an LTO in another attempt from McDonalds to win back old customers or win new ones.  The Chicken Select Tenders are described by the company as “Our juicy Chicken Select Tenders are made of 100% chicken tenderloin and are seasoned to perfection. Try them with your choice of flavorful dipping sauces.”  Sauce choices include ranch, buffalo, honey, sweet and sour, honey mustard, bbq, or habanero.  I passed on sauces in order to get the full benefit of tasting the product.

They come three to an order for $2.99 plus tax, so a buck a piece.  The first thing I noticed was the tenders are notably smaller than the ones appear to be in the television advertising.  They are certainly much smaller than some competitors.

On my “tenders smackdown” tour of the south last year, I developed some strong leanings towards favorites, for sure.  Had McDonalds been offering the Selects at the time, I would have included them, but they wouldn’t have made my top five.

I guess they are one of those products that you just sigh and say “it is what it is.”  In other words, they qualify as “OK.”   I don’t think they are a very good value, and “seasoned to perfection” is up for debate, and they seem to be devoid of seasoning, except for a little black pepper in the breading.

LTO means “Limited time offer” and that they won’t be around forever. And that’s fine with me.

McDonalds Select Tenders Review










McDonalds Chicken Select Tenders Review

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