McDonald’s Fish McBites

Couple weeks ago, I wrote a piece about being done with McDonald’s because of my continuing disappointment with their food.  Sometimes they get you whether you want them to or not, in being the only place open, the only place around, the only place with unlocked bathrooms (or free wifi).

My kid and I were joking about Fish McBites, and I said I wasn’t brave enough to try them, but we did.  They come in three sizes, accompanied by a small ramekin of tartar sauce, not sure if this is a limited time offer or not, possibly, some Lenten tie-in.

They aren’t “bad” per se, they have a stronger fish taste (to me) than the McFishawicheroo, and the tartar appears the same as the sandwich.  My particular order (and this was out in the middle of nowhere…no idea what state even, Missouri, Arkansas…..weren’t quite ‘done’ I suspect.  Al dente Fish bites.

Interesting to me, as it was the same week Wendy’s asked me to try their new Premium North Pacific Cod sandwich, and I pronounced that the best fish offering in fast food.  Why don’t you try both and let us know what you think?  The Wendy’s deal is an LTO.

Fish McBites Review

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