Missing My Foodie Companion

deal2There’s a phrase from an old song my pals and I bandy about on occasion “Do you know what it’s like to miss New Orleans?”   Well, I surely do.

The question I ask myself over and over again these days tho, is “Do I know what it’s like to miss my ex best foodie friend?”

The answer to that is I surely do, as well.

For the past eight years, I’ve had a best pal who has shared almost all of my food adventures, whether it’s been eating in a new restaurant, going to a YELP event,  shopping at obscure markets and discovering treasures, cooking meals together, cooking for each other, and on occasion, feeding each other.

My foodie partner tired of my somewhat pedantic approach to cuisine.   She wanted to sample more of life, try different things, and she thought that would have been in conflict with our partnership agreement, so she exited.

We weren’t Siskel and Ebert by any means, but we were tight for a long time.

I was sitting in the bathtub today, something I rarely do on my own,  thinking about her, tho I must confess barely an hour goes by that I don’t think of her.  We used to sit in the tub together sometimes, and once we even had a dinner of Thai noodles in a hotel bathtub.  That’s a picture I’ll never forget.

So now I am wandering the highways and byways of the planet on my own, and she is out drinking in as much life as she can, as fast as she can.   I’m winding down, while she’s winding up.  I understand that.

But it doesn’t mean there isn’t a void in my life.

It only appears to the outside world our link is broken.  In my heart, it’s like an old Chinese saying I once told her, she’s the kite, I’m the string, and even though she may soar above the clouds, and I can’t see her, we will always be connected.