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While Mrs. BDB eschews my burger passion most of the time, she has her own, and it’s always fried chicken, with KFC having a slight edge for her, mainly because of their numerous locations, and a weakness for the childhood memories their mashed potatoes evoke.  Now if they would just add Popeye’s red beans (I know), we’d never hit “the other guys.”

We stopped into a local KFC last nite on the way home from doing errands, and I was confronted with a HUGE decision upon seeing their “weekday menu special board”.  Who knew the Colonel had chicken fried steak on occasion?  Not I!  But as tough a decision as it was, I wanted to try the new Extra Crispy Strips, so I ordered the $5 value box, which comes with 3 strips, a side, biscuit and Pepsi product.

Mrs. BDB went with her usual, the two piece dark meat meal, which comes with two sides and a biscuit.

For some reason, the clerk was in a largess mood, and comped us an order of potato wedges and an extra drink.  Our other side choices included slaw, mashed, and green beans.  So we “doubled down” on starch, w/ two kinds of potatoes.

I passed on dipping sauces, and immediately regretted that in the car on the way home.  Curse me, BurgerDogBoy, I could have used a mound of those sauces for something else in the future, if not tonight!

Mrs.BDB was seeking a decaffeinated beverage, and went with Pepsi’s “Mug” root beer.  I went with the sugar-free peach iced tea, which was ‘peachy.”

The Extra Crispy strips were just fine, with 3 pieces actually being a lot of food.  These must come from  chickens with HUGE racks, as they were some damned big pieces of white meat!    The potato wedges….hmmm, extruded potato products, dipped in batter, fried, seasoned.   Like deep-fried mashed potato fries.  Far too tasty.

I was prepared to not enjoy the meal, because I have had a “thing” lately about US chicken, in all its brine-injected plumped up weight glory.  There’s just something about the texture which doesn’t appeal to me, but the KFC Extra Crispy strips passed the test.

When I asked Mrs. BDB if she enjoyed her chicken, I could not make out the answer, as she was gnawing on the bones, and one knows better than to get between Mrs. BDB and her bone chewing!

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One comment to “Nationwide – KFC Extra Crispy Strips”
One comment to “Nationwide – KFC Extra Crispy Strips”
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