Nationwide – Popeye’s Louisiana Kitchen

Mrs. Burgerdogboy do love her Popeye’e, especially a side of red beans, and I’m always happy to oblige her, as she’s taught me the whole “happy wife, happy life” thing, and it’s 100% on target.

So whenever I roll past a Popeye’s, or am pointed in that direction by my better two-thirds, off I go, and grab her a 2 or 3 piece combo, with an extra large side of red beans.

As for me, I’m a fingers or tenders guy (did you see my profile of tenders of the South?), and I wanted to try Popeye’s new “Wicked Chicken”  Garlic/Pepper Wicked Chicken with Garlic Parmesan Dipping Sauce.

Correct me, but don’t I recall that when Wicked Chicken first arrived, it was a breast cut to look like fingers on a hand?  Or was that an acid flashback?

In any case, the Garlic Pepper variety are small strips, with highly seasoned batter, crispy, the pepper was detectable, but for me, the garlic wasn’t all that present.  Understandable, as I consume about 1/4 of the annual California garlic crop on my own each year, so maybe I’m not all that sensitive to it any more.

Anyway, it’s good, it’s a LTO, and it’s pretty cheap as fast-food chicken offerings go.  I’d get it again.

It amuses me to no end that Popeye’s tv commercials use the tag line “Louisiana Fast”.  If you’ve ever lived in Louisiana, it probably amuses you, too.

Oh, and speaking of fried fast food?   One of the biggest European hamburger chains is called “Quick” and I love their little fish bites. (Pictured)

Quick Fish BItes

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