Opaa Gyros Kit Review

Opaa Brand Gyros ReviewA few weeks ago, I reviewed the home gyros package from Chicago manufacturer Devanco; today I checked out a competing brand, Opaa! from another Chicago company called Grecian Delight.

Opaa is priced about 30 % less than Devanco, but the contents reflect that as well.  Both kits have claims on the box of the contents making six sandwiches.   The difference is Opaa contains a third less meat, fifty percent less sauce and pitas (3 split instead of 6 whole).

I don’t recall looking at the meat content on the Devanco box;  usually this stuff is beef and lamb with seasonings, and while the Opaa box states those ingredients, the lamb is waaaaaaaaaaaaay down the list, so – maybe – less than two percent by weight.

But what matters is taste, right?  I called the Devanco “just like you get in a gyro shop,” and I stick to that claim.

The Opaa?  I like it.  Good value.  Meat might be a little spicier than Devanco, but the sauce is tamer.  It’s all gonna come down to you deciding do you want a full size folded over gyro, or a half size split?

If the latter, then the Devanco kit will make 12, and becomes a better value.

Oh, where are they made?  According to the USDA stamp, in Elk Grove Village, IL, about a mile west of the O’hare runway (pic below).

At the bottom of the page is a YouTube video I found of a couple of guys demonstrating assembly of this product.


Opaa Brand Gyros Review

Frozen Contents


Opaa Brand Gyros Review

Made Up Sandwiches (add tomatoes and onion)


Opaa Brand Gyros Review

Gyro Factory


Opaa Gyros Kit Review

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