Original Naan Pizza Review

Original Naan Pizza ReviewDeep Foods, a New Jersey company founded in 1977, markets prepared, frozen and boxed foods of India and Southeast Asia.  At my local Indian grocery, Patel Brothers, I picked up their Tandoor Baked Cheese Naan Pizza.  Naan is an oven-baked leavened flatbread product, native to SE Asia and the Middle East, kinda similar to pita.  (Sidebar – I lived on a small island in the South China sea for a number of years. There was a small Indian restaurant there, about six seats, and they made naan in all sorts of interest ‘flavors.’ My favorite was blue cheese).

Oven baked for 15+ minutes at 425, the “pizza” was obviously pre-cooked in a tandoor, as evidenced by the char marks.

The naan is a nice quality for a pizza crust, crispy at the distant edge, chewy towards the middle, about the same thickness as chain “hand-tossed” pizzas.

As this is traditional Indian cuisine, there are no meat options for the pies, and this cheese one was just fine, reminiscent of value-priced frozen pizza brands.

Kinda curious about why the cheese melted differently at different spots on the bread, but in the end, didn’t matter. Few to none preservatives in the ingredient list.  I’d buy it again.

Original Naan Pizza Review


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Naan Pizza Review

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