Portland Area Update – Pietro’s Pizza

Few things you can count on consistently in Portland.  One is, it’s likely to be dreary.  Second?   If the weatherman says its going to be nice, there’s a pretty good chance it’s going to be dreary.  Third?  Pietro’s Pizza coming back from the dead.

I’d previously stopped in their Milwaukie outpost, and wrote it up.

But today’s story is just to call attention how sometimes a mom-and-pop can grow into a sizable company, attract Fortune 500 investors, grow to dozens and dozens of outlets, and then devolve back into a mom-and-pop.

And that’s what happened to Pietro’s, started by locals, owned by Campbell’s Soup,  BJ’s Pizza, corporate investors, and now back in the hands of a couple of local guys, doing just fine thank you.

There’s a great story in the Oregonian about this interesting ride.

Pietro's Pizza Oregon