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De Nicola's Italian RestaurantIt used to be my criteria for choosing a restaurant was to look for five words on the door:  “Most Major Credit Cards Accepted.”     These days, I am more apt to seek out restaurants that have been around for multiple decades, and DeNicola’s has been serving Portlandians for over 30 years.  They must be doing something right.

We were out in the throes of a shopping excursion, and I suggested we pick up take-out sushi for Mrs. BDB, she never declines.  So she suggests (since I will pass on the sushi) that I order a pizza, and after an extremely weak protest from me against that concept, I succumb and fall into investigating on Delivered Dish, a service I use frequently and highly recommend.

My usual choice for ‘upmarket’ pizza delivery would be Cara Amico, purported to be Portland’s oldest Italian restaurant, and my favorite local pie for a variety of reasons.

But I was feeling ‘adventurous’ and chose De Nicola’s, as I have meant to try it for a long time.

They say they serve “New York style” pizza, and that all their crusts are “naturally thick”, but “thin” is available upon request.  So I went with a thin crust Meat Lovers  (Italian sausage, pepperoni, and salami) and doubled up on the cheese.   They call their 14″ pie a “small”, but that’s the standard size most pizzerias call “large”.

A choice of sauces is available, as well as a gluten free option, but I went traditional.

The pie was delivered promptly at the scheduled time, still hot in the box.  The dough was on the thinnish size, kind of bread-like in taste, with a crispy rim.  Quantity and quality of toppings was above adequate, and they use ‘real’ cheese as opposed to food service type “pizza topping.”   There is a moderate amount of “hang”, and toppings nor cheese are firmly implanted on the crust not to end up in the box, always a plus for me!

Reading different reviews on line, you will find references to “old school’ type food, or “dirty Italian” (a phrase I haven’t heard before, not a slam, apparently).

Verdict?  I liked the pie, and I will get it again, and look forward to a sit-down meal there in the future.   Their extensive menu offers a wide variety of traditional pasta dishes and entrees.

De Nicola's Italian Restaurant


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