Portland Hummus “Wars” Escalate!


Hummus Wars Heat-up!

Hummus Wars Heat-up!

I have written several posts about the “hummus wars” in SW PDX; it amuses me to see these two competing merchants go “at each other” and “up the ante” in various ways.

 Hummus Stop fired another shot across the bow of Baba Fresh this week with the start of an outdoor seating area in front of their shop. They (or the landlord) spent a bit of money digging up a parking place, putting down wood chips, and HS putting out some picnic tables for those not in a rush to take home their hummus and pita chips.

Baba Fresh has had outdoor seating for as long as I remember, and it’s a pleasant area, somewhat shaded, and lit in the evenings.
Well word comes from the neighborhood that the battle is about to bust wide open. Opening soon, in the parking lot of the nearby 7-11, Portland’s newest food cart, Baba Ghanoush Buggy, offering 31 flavors of Baba Ghanoush, and as a come-on, and a shaken fist towards the two hummus purveyors, Baba Ghanoush Buggy offers (wait for it) FREE hummus with every order.

What’s unique about Baba Ghanoush Buggy?  In an homage to Baskin-Robbins, the 31 flavors will be served from tubs reminiscent of ice cream parlors, and served on specially devised (patent pending) “pita cones”.

Yes, parents, now you have a healthy alternative to frozen confections for your children, the “Pita Cone”, crammed full of your choice of one, two, or three scoops of creative fusion (only in Portland!) Baba Ghanoush, is sure to please the kids palate, your pocketbook, and when you are fretting about your chillun’ not getting healthy-enough snacks!

I spoke with the owner of Baba Ghanoush Buggy, and he gave me some sample tastes  of some of the tantalizing flavors that await us, working hard to please the locavore mentality of Portland:  Columbia River Organic Salmon Baba Ghanoush, supplemented with flecks of our fabulous local salmon;   Summer IPA Baba Ghanoush, allthe complex flavors of one of our local microbrews, but without the alcohol mostly);  Bubble Gum Baba, for kids….of all ages; and for extra deliciousness, (and my personal favorite) try the Burger Baba, with select pieces of charbroiled medium rare organic beef from a small farm in the Cascades.
How will the competition react?  Will 7-11 install a hummus bar?  Will the nearby vegetarian restaurant start selling lamb kabobs?  Stay tuned.   We report. You guffaw.
(Editor’s Note: Thanks for reading; the bit about the Baba Ghanoush Buggy is a piece of satire…..as in entirely made-up).


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