Portland, OR – Juan Colorado

“It is what it is,” people say all the time these days.  Juan Colorado fits into that bracket, if you’re looking for typical Americanized Mexican foods at a reasonable price.

It’s in our neighborhood, so we get in there on occasion, and last nite, it was just what the doctor (er, wife) ordered.

One of my “jokes” about Taco Bell is actually my admiration for how they have taken the same five ingredients, made them into different shapes, slapped a made-up Mexican sounding name on it, and called it “new.”

Such is my taste for the typical US versions of Mexican food, so I get something silly, unless we are at someplace really authentic.  (to wit).

So I went with one of those reconfigured shapes of the regular ingredients, and had the Mexican “pizza.”

No complaints, except it was really filling and a lot of it made it home – but mysteriously vanished sometime during my absence today.  Dog? Cat? Wife?

Juan Colorado is a-ok.

Juan Colorado Mexican Pizza

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