Portland, OR – MacTarnahan’s Taproom


McTarnahan's Taproom, Portland

McTarnahan's Taproom, Portland

Mrs. Burgerdogboy and I frequently ‘challenge’ each other when we ask the other “what do you want for dinner?” I’ll say something silly like “Steak Tartare from a little bistro in Paris,” and so on, you get the idea.

Last nite when I asked her, she replied “Shepherd’s Pie,” and I thought, “yes, that would be good,” but didn’t really feel like making it (I would have to go to the store), and didn’t know of any place I could grab some and go.

As usual, when our household is stumped on puzzlers like this, I turned to Delivered Dish for the solution. And although you cannot search DD by a specific entree (please add that!), you can get lists of different cuisine, and after a bit of searching, I found her craving at MacTarnahan’s Taproom in NW.

Now i just had to find something on their menu for me…which didn’t take long, I went with the pastrami Reuben, with the special request to leave the usual thousand island dressing in their kitchen.

I ordered at 5:05P, received my email confirmation immediately, and they promised delivery by 6:30P.

They arrived instead at 5:45, Delivered Dish, you are my heroes! We love you guys!

The “Shepherd’s Pie” on the menu was described as “Scottish Pie”, and ‘savory meats, mashed potatoes, cheddar cheese accompanied by seasonal vegetables’, and Mrs. BDB couldn’t have been more pleased with it.

The Reuben was hefty, and a huge serving of garlic/rosemary fries was included.

We split a small caesar salad which was also good. Total including delivery and tip? $35.

Great home cooking without the effort or clean up.

Menu posted here.


McTarnahan's Taproom, Portland

McTarnahan's Taproom, Portland


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