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Headed out to this new cart, offering a bevy of Big A@(#$#@)$ Sandwiches. Spoiler alert for this post: TASTY TASTY TASTY.

If I were at the Billy Goat in Chicago, they’d say “no coke, pepsi”, and today at B.A. it was “no ham, roast beef”, and “no bechamel, cheddar cheese.” I was there post their (apparently) very big lunch rush.

No sweat, they’re new, it’s gonna take them awhile to work out how much they need of everything on a daily basis, and tho I would have loved bechamel on my (roast beef) sandwich, I’m not sure I didn’t end up with the better deal (since I wanted roast beef anyway), and with the nice sandwich lady offering me a slab o’ melted cheddar on the house. (And just check out that gooey deliciousness in the photo!)

B.A. takes nicely portioned controlled baggies of meat, plops them on the grill, dutifully covers them with a sauce pan lid after a little mist of water, so the grill and the steam are gently heating the meat at the same time. In my case, I went with the double portion, they threw on the cheddar, and plop a dandy-sized scoop of hand-cut hot fries between the lightly toasted ciabatta (damn, that is some fine bread, folks).

The result is a sandwich worth waiting for (tho even with five guys ahead of me, I didn’t have to wait long).

It would do the Earl proud. In a town where folks are used to getting something that is called “roast beef”, from someplace named “A***’s”, this is a good, nay, great, offering.

In my salad days, I would have taken the sandwich and definitely an order of bacon/cheese fries, but not today. In retrospect, I should have. (Because I ended up splitting the sandwich with Mrs. BDB, and came away wanting more!)

So what’s with the asterisks? Seems even tho the “real name” of the wagon is cleverly disguised behind punctuation (are asterisks punctuation?)*, even something that lame offended someone, (probably a Portland bike rider), and now the two *’s are taped over on the sign.

I supposed they will have to come up with a new name. I’d like to suggest a few, but I am sure other would find them offensive as well. How about Big D*cks Sandwiches?

Or why don’t they go with a whole “truth in advertising thing”, and just call the place “The Best Damned Sandwich in Portland?” Works for me!

B.A. Sandwiches is at 3rd and Ash.  Menu online here.

*Postscript. Checked with friends in the news business, and they were divided, some calling an * punctuation, another calling it “a character, like you.” Oh ha ha friend.

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