Portland, OR – Le Bistro Sept Onze (Cuisine d’avion)

OK, the title of the post is a joke.   The local owner of my neighborhood 7-Eleven has put a couple tables out front, and sez he is now “a bistro.”    The ‘cuisine” reference is to the point that 7-Eleven sandwiches, at least in my neighborhood, are made by LSG Sky Chefs, the catering divsion of Lufthansa.

It was a weird food day for me, I had a list of potential burger joints to check out, but I just couldn’t get motivated to try something new today, and I wasn’t in the mood to wander, so I just ambled over to see Apu at the 7-Eleven, and had a leisurely lunch of sandwich, chips, cola, and a newspaper. Just north of $5 for all, that beats fast food, and the “Italian Baguette” was really pretty good, the bread fresh, the contents (ham, salami, pepperoni, Italian dressing and pepperoncini, ample. I would have preferred more of the dressing, and less of the peppers, but for the price, coming in at about a foot long, sure beats anything available at the Subway across the street.

So I hate my sandwich, chips, drank my cola, and read the paper, marveled at the genius of Allen Neuharth, who created USA Today. A non working lunch, I guess. Someday even Burgerdogboy can’t look at one more burger. But tomorrow’s another day.

Here’s a pic of my sandwich, as well as a video commercial from LSG Sky Chefs.

7-Eleven Italian Baguette Sandwich

7-Eleven Italian Baguette Sandwich

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