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Hummus Stop

Hummus Stop

Well, this is a strange review. A non-review. For “The Hummus Stop” at Capitol Hwy and Pomona (across the street from an apparent, established competitor, Baba Fresh) is not open. Oh, they’ve been working on it. Since January, I believe. Neighbors in the strip mall said they hear H.S. would open July 4. Obviously not. The exterior signage went up this week, but peeking inside the door reveals not much in place except the conveyor oven from the two former Domino’s franchisees that occupied this space, and both folded. An auspicious (non) start for a new venture?

(Clucking his tongue). Well I said that about next door neighbor, Baristador’s, as well, when they had just opened. The took the space that another coffee shop had occupied, a ghost town of a coffee shop, with never any customers. I felt sorry for the Baristador’s guys, but boy, have they proven me wrong! They are alive, thriving, and expanding!

These people, these merchants, are my neighborhood “peeps”. I live close by, and frequently stop in (almost daily) at least one of the merchants. On this corner, we have 7-Eleven (go see Apu, a big fan of burgers), a Pho restaurant, a vegetarian Chinese place, Baba Fresh (Mediterranean, don’t let the lack of customers fool you, this guy is a huge wholesaler), a Subway (blech), a nice tail/tan place (say hi to Lee, she’s great!), the coffee shop, two dry cleaners, and an independent mini mart, Capitol Hill, which has a grand selection of low end wines, and multiple beer coolers, run by one of the nicest families you will ever meet).

But I am waiting for the opening of the Hummus Stop. On the surface, it would seem like a good idea to locate here, with Baba Fresh across the street, and another Middle Eastern type restaurant up across from the PCC entrance, in the same center as Walter Mitty’s. Why? Because we have a large section of Middle-Eastern origin people living in the immediate area, as well as a Mosque a couple blocks off Capitol. But oddly, I never see any of these people patronizing these ethno-centric businesses.

What can the Hummus Stop offer? Mrs. BDB opined maybe I should take a tiny pink spoon from home, as they might offer 31 flavors of hummus to try? Upon further investigation (online, as I never see anybody at the shop), it APPEARS this might be the effort of a Hillsboro company by the same name, who apparently has been selling such wares at Farmer’s markets for some time. (See this one review), which talks about his 16 flavors (not 31?!?!) of hummus, and other offerings.

How can he compete? Baba Fresh (previously reviewed) is pretty damned good, and the owner is very personable. You can catch him outside grilling lamb some days, and tho I’m not a lamb lover, his is very tasty. Mrs. BDB and I order a variety of his appetizers for take out on occasion, and dip and slurp the afternoon or evening away with chunks of fresh pita.

So Hummus Stop, where art thou? When will you open? And please, just for me, as long as you keep that Dominos conveyor oven, please whip up some of my favorite Turkish Pizzas?

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