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Pork Chop City Portland OregonWe headed out to pick up some office supplies at the world’s worst location for same, and over hill, over dale, all along the dusty trail, we (at least I) felt like we had missed two meal times in the process, and whipped into the parking lot at 9525 SW Beaverton-Hillsdale Hwy, Beaverton, OR, to pause for a light repast.

Pork Chop City has been operating in the neighborhood for a year or so, (with a second location in Florida), and we’d driven by a million times, particularly as I have to zoom into that parking lot on occasion to score some Stroopwaffels for Mrs. Burgerdogboy from the Dutch Import Store.

With a brief menu focusing on all things “Q”, Pork Chop City serves up some of the best smoked meats we’ve had in the Pacific Northwest.  Mrs. Burgerdogboy went with the rib plate,  ginormous meaty pork ribs, with two sides (rice, corn nibs, mac salad, potato salad, baked beans, slaw) and a drink.  Dr. Pepper seemed the perfect beverage for her choice.

I went with the “Simply Wrong” sandwich, nearly a pound and a half of pulled pork and brisket, a mound of slaw on the sandwich, wedged between a heavenly “pub bun.”   The bun was the perfect delivery vehicle, bakery soft, yet firm enough to hold the mound o’ meat.

I loved me some pulled pork, and the boys of Pork Chop City have it down pat.  They also make their own sauces in-house, from a traditional Q sauce to one on the ‘hotter’ side.

I’d only suggest one change, a personal thing only.  Please add a smoked hot link to the menu, and make a version of the “Simply Wrong” into a “Really, Really Wrong”, plopping one of those tasty links on top of the pork!  Please!

You’ll love this place.  They’re mobile, and they do cater.  Their plans include Q dominance of the world and brick and mortars – I have no doubt they will make it.  Since the plate prices (under $10) include the sides and drink, it’s a great value, as well.

Pork Chop City Portland Oregon

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