Portland, OR – San Sai (via Delivered Dish)

San Sai Japanese Grill

San Sai Japanese Grill

Mrs. Burgerdogboy and I often eschew the holiday crowds on typical dining out days, and Valentine’s Day proved no exception to our “rule.” We decided to have dinner sent to the house  via Delivered Dish, the local service we use quite often and are very satisfied with.  (Available in both Portland and Denver).

I was left in charge of selecting our repast, and since I know that there’s nothing Mrs. Burgerdogboy loves more than sushi (except your author, of course), I ordered from San Sai, a growing, national chain started in Southern California.

My selections included the sushi/sashimi assortment tray (24 pieces), some edamame, and a half-dozen pork and veggie potstickers just  for me.

I had placed the order on Sunday, for delivery Valentine’s Day at 6pm, knowing I would be driving back from an appointment in the ‘Couve, and hoping I would beat the delivery guy home!

Turned out to be no problem with the traffic, even stopped for some sake, got home, we built a fire, and waited for dinner.  A few minutes after six, Delivered Dish called us to tell us the driver had been slightly delayed and would be at the house momentarily, which he was.

We had a beautiful spread of food, and Mrs. BDB teased me that she thought I would have ordered a take-out hamburger along with the treats for her, but nooooooooooooooooo……….   Dinner was fabulous, and Valentine’s evening a dream.

I crow about how good Delivered Dish is all the time.  They deserve it, a truly excellent job.

San Sai Portland via Delivered Dish

San Sai Portland via Delivered Dish

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