Portland, OR – Sayler’s Old Country Kitchen (Review)

Sayler's Old Country KitchenI was thinking about my infatuation with “old-timey” places as we were seated; is it because I’ve become old-timey myself? Or does eating in places like this evoke some nostalgic memory in me? I really can’t say. I just like places that are at least 40-50 years old, I guess it proves to me they are doing something right.

What’s the best thing about Sayler’s? Well, in my mind, it’s that you can feed two people a complete steak dinner for about the same price you’d spend at one of the “majors” (Mortons, Ruth’s Chris, Ringside) for one diner.

What’s a “complete dinner?” Well, at Sayler’s, in the old-timey tradition, the cost of your entree includes, bread (with both garlic melted and pat butter), a relish tray (who serves those anymore, anyway?), soup or salad, a side, and dessert.

The relish tray was comprised of celery and carrot sticks, olives, pickled baby corn and the like. A nice touch.

Mrs. Burgerdogboy went with the t-bone, and I had what would be called a “petite filet” at most places, 6oz. The t-bone was massive by most diner’s measure. The steaks were prepared precisely as ordered in the doneness category.

This is a massive place that has been around ‘forver.’ Service was prompt and enthusiastic. They have a couple of private rooms as well, if you’re contemplating a small private gathering.

The meat quality was far above average, and we started the whole feast with a 1/2 order of their onion rings, which were crisp and tasty, served with a dipping sauce.

The “damage?” Onion rings, crab cocktail, relish tray, salads, two steaks, veggie, loaded baked potato, two deserts, three cocktails, one beer: $85. As I stated earlier, the same would cost you double at one of the ‘big names.’

No complaints at all. Not a single one.

From one old-timey (me) to another (Sayler’s), thanks for sticking around.

Sayler's Old Country Kitchen

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