I Proclaim “Be Nice to Restaurant People” Month

I get annoyed with restaurant reviewers that trash places just because they like reading their own venom in “print.”

Although I fail at times, I try hard to always remember what incredibly hard work it is to own a restaurant, and what a generally thankless jobs employees have  Рfrom the top of the staff to the bottom.

When you go out this month, try and support your local restaurant owners over the chains, and say an appreciative word or two, in addition to whatever financial consideration you leave behind.

To me, in some form or fashion, every dish a chef creates is a work of art.  And tho sometimes I might not understand it, any more that I understand most performance art or abstract paintings I have seen, I still appreciate the effort that went into getting the food from the farm or factory to the distribution center, to the truck, to the loading dock, to the kitchen, to the stove, to my table.

I hope you do too.


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