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If there is anyone who admires people who do a start-up, it’s me.  Having been peripherally involved in dozens, I know how difficult a path it is to follow one’s dream, just like having a baby and coddling, nurturing, pushing it along to try and achieve something.

When the start-up falls in the food business, it’s 10x as tough.  Starting with an idea, or a family recipe, making things in the kitchen, coming up with a marketing plan, knocking on doors……..well, the odds are really against one succeeding.

The fine folks at Sneaky Salts of Vancouver, Washington have a dream, and that’s to have their packaging finishing salts available everywhere.   Based on my own experience with the products, I think they have a pretty good shot.

The owners of Sneaky Salts created the company to not only memorialize their family’s pasts, but also to provide one of the essential minerals of our life in the highest quality, and hand-blend quality salt with interesting herbs and flavors.

With about a half-dozen varieties out of the gate, Sneaky’s products add an interesting touch to most anything you prepare or eat, and you’ll quickly find your own favorites, like I have.  The manufacturers sent me samples of the entire line to try out, and for the past month, Mrs. Burgerdogboy and I have been sampling the seasoning with gusto!

We’re delighted with their Provence flavor, a combination of classic French herbs – we’ve had it on meats and seafood.  Also on seafood, we’ve used their citrus-based salts.

Sriracha-flavored items are all the rage these days, and Sneaky has it too.  Sriracha is a Thai hot sauce, and it’s flavor is cropping up in all sorts of condiments and foods, especially locally.

Urge your grocer to stock Sneaky Salts, or order online.   I recommend trying a wide variety of them, and even experimenting at home by combining one or more.

Sneaky Salts are extremely versatile, and can be used on everything you prepare, from entrees, to cocktails (!) to desserts!

Bravo, folks, keep up the good work!

Sneaky Salts


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