Richmond Hill, GA – Gianni’s Pizza

This was close by a motel I was camping out in, online reviews were mixed, but I’m all for the mom and pops, and gave it a shot.  It was definitely “New York Style” as advertised, that means a thin crust, but not so crispy it can’t be “rolled” or “folded” by the slice for less messy consumption.

I ordered a medium, with sausage, pepperoni, and green olives, my standard ‘salt bomb’, the sausage was definitely  in the style of New York pizzerias, every time I’ve experienced that, it was like this, link Italian sausage sliced at a thin bias.   The toppings at Gianni’s were pretty unremarkable, otherwise, and kinda skimpy.   They were using an old two deck gas oven, which may have become slightly deficient in its aging (who hasn’t?), because the pie took a fairly long time to cook.

Table toppers and other posters advised that the shop only uses Grande Cheese, a special blend from a small processor in Wisconsin.  If you’re fascinated enough with that to want to learn more, here’s the poop on them.  Gianni’s has a fairly large dining room, if you’d like to eat in.

It’s located at the end of a strip mall on US Hwy 17, between Richmond Hill and Savannah, keep your eyes peeled or you’ll miss it.



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