Rosati’s Pizza Chicago Review

rosati guysSam Rosati, son of an Italian restaurant immigrant, opened his first Chicago restaurant in 1927, serving pizza as an appetizer. Decades of success later, the next generation took over to focus on pizza, and opened multiple stores and started franchising, with an emphasis on the Chicago suburbs.   150 + stores later, in Illinois and six other states, Rosati’s focus is on Chicago thin crust pizza, with fresh ingredients, including dough made daily, a proprietary sausage recipe, and baking on traditional deck ovens, instead of the speedier conveyor methods.

Most Rosati’s have a smaller footprint, with an emphasis on take out and delivery, although some have dine-in areas.  I recently met one of their delivery guys who had been working for the same store for over 25 years!  Wow.  Hard for me to focus on anything for more than 25 months!

Rosati’s has a pretty deep menu, in addition to pizza, they offer sandwiches, pastas, dinners like fish and chicken plates, and catering services.

One thing I like about Rosati’s is their value-pricing.  They are less expensive than other local chains.  Plus their killer sausage.

Rosati's Sausage Pizze









Rosati’s Pizza Chicago Review

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