San Fernando, CA – Gourmet Tamale Factory

In the age of computerized cars, while many people have things like nav systems, and bluetooth, my car is pre-programmed to automatically stop at mini marts and truck stops; but with dual driver settings, when Mrs. Burgerdogboy is in the car, and we’re in Los Angeles, she switches to her settings, which means the car pulls into every tamale shop – as that cuisine is part of her childhood comfort food memory.

When we’re in SoCal, we generally stock the ice chest with dozens of tamales, in a wide variety of favorites  for the trip back north, to tide her over til the next care package that comes from a pal visiting, or until we make another trip.

The Gourmet Tamale Factory, in San Fernando, is her purveyor of choice.   Located East of I-5, and north of the 118, has been cranking out these beauties since 2005, and during the Christmas season, gear up to make as many as 8000 a day!

Tamales are a dish of Mesoamerican origin, dating back to the Mayan era, a starchy (usually corn) casing, steamed or boiled in a leaf wrapper, and stuffed with meat, vegetables or fruit.  The wrapper is discarded before eating.

Mrs. BDB prefers the meat filled ones, and has a special fondness for all things pork, and covered in red or green sauce.

Although the Gourmet Tamale Factory doesn’t ship, you can place an online order for pickup.

Here’s their menu:

Gourmet Tamale Factory, San Fernando, CA

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