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Local anecdotes told me that Savannah isn’t really a foodie’s paradise, but could well be on it’s way with an increasing interest in farm to market initiatives and such. Fortunately, my tastes run simple, and give me some great fried chicken with a side of greens, and I’m a happy camper. Or a burger.

Since 2001, B & D has been serving their versions of gourmet burgers to the Savannah crowd, and now operates three locations. They offer you a choice of several specialty burgers or a build your own option, and ‘build your own’ really means it. You can start with a beef, veggie or turkey patty in your choice of weights, as well.

The restaurant says the beef is USDA Choice Angus, fresh, and blasted on a 650 degree open flame grill. Buns and rolls are baked in-house, as are many of the condiments.

I went with the Wormsloe, one of their signature burgers, and started with 1/3 pound beef patty, requested medium rare, and topped with pimento cheese spread and a fried green tomato.  (Wormsloe is the name of a local, historic, plantation).

Burgers and sandwiches are offered with a choice of sides, fries, beans, slaw, kraut, applesauce, with upgrades available for sweet potato fries, tots, and rings.

B & D Burgers SavannahMy server was affable, I sat outdoors, and was the only customer electing to do that on that particular day.

You won’t lack for condiments at B&D, as there is a tableful.

To the burger?   The buns are incredible.  Really.  A slight crisp outer, soft and chewy inner, substantial enough, I suspect, to hold any of their burgers.  The house-made pimento spread, and the fried green tomato?   Great.  I could have easily plowed through a side of the tomatoes, nearly as good as Mrs. Burgerdogboys at home.  Nice plating.

As to the burger patty itself?   It was OK.   No special seasoning, a flavorful meat patty, prepared a couple dozen degrees above my request, but that’s no big deal.

When I am reviewing, I like each ingredient to pop all on it’s own, as well as in combination, and this patty just didn’t.   But that’s perfect for a mass consumer base, isn’t it?

B & D serves  dogs, burgers, sandwiches, appetizers, salads, and more.   With their three locations, you’re bound to be near one all of the time.


B & D parks a menu online, so you can think about what you want prior to your outing.

B&D Burger

Pimento cheese/fried green tomato topped burger

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