Sheridan, WY – Ole’s Pizza

I didn’t set out looking for the best pizza (or any for that matter) in Sheridan, Wyoming, nope, just wanted to get off the road for a minute for a pee stop, maybe a cherry coke. But there was this billboard, see, and it said “Since 1972”, see, and everyone knows that restaurant longevity (or cool neon) is a hook for me.

So I rolled into Ole’s at the height of their lunch buffet, and broker another waitress’s heart by placing an order to go.

Ole’s has a fairly large seating area, and were doing a brisk buffet lunch business for midweek. They offered the usual pizzeria buffet, a variety of pizzas, pastas, and a salad bar. The building was newer than the business, but it didn’t interest me enough to inquire further.

After a quick ten minutes of sitting on an outdoor bench scanning the Sheridan Daily Bugle, my pie was ready, and first look seemed promising. (Anyone notice yet where I shoot the pics and eat the food for these things?)

The pie was a thin crust, slightly thicker than Pizza Hut’s thin, but not as thick as their hand-toseed, for example. The meat and olives were absolutely fine. I wish my palate or experience was enough that I could say “this was Roma #25 sausage crumbles” or whatever, but I just can’t. I think this may have been bulk sausage that was crumbled, as it was still soft when the pie frist came out, and in my experience, most bulk precooked ihas a harder bite.

The crust had a nice New York hang when hot, but firmed up as it got colder. A few toppings would roll off the slice (which is SO much better than SLIDING OFF), so more cheese might have helped (cheese was under the toppings, not above). A large pie, three toppings, was $16, an below average price these days. Would I go back? Sure, if I ever needed to pee in Sheridan, Wyoming, again.

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