Superior, WI – Shorty’s Pizza and Smoked Meat Review

Shorty's Pizza Superior ReviewIt’s always difficult to find the true origin of a local favorite;  I don’t think anybody has ever established where the first Coney Island style hot dog was created….or the first pizza place in the U.S……who created the Jucy Lucy in Minneapolis, the Italian Beef in Chicago, or the muffaletta in New Orleans.  Lots of places claim to be first in each of these categories.

The same goes for “Montreal Smoked Meat,”  a favorite in the Quebec city, similar to pastrami, but slightly different. Montreal Smoked Beef is prepared by salting and curing beef brisket with spices for a week, then hot smoking it before steaming it just before serving. The brisket is thin-sliced and usually served on rye bread with yellow mustard.  There are many different claims as to who originated the dish which was first offered up North around 1910.

Less than three hours from the Canadian border, the Twin Ports of Duluth-Superior (MN/WI) have been a hot  destination for the neighbors from the north for decades and decades, who visit for vacations, shopping, and healthcare.  Yet there has never been a local restaurant that serves Canadian specialties;  it’s kinda hard to even find Canadian beer.  Until now.

Located in Superior, WI, Shorty’s Pizza and Smoked Meat recently opened to offer the Twin Ports  Montreal specialties and other U.S. and Canadian favorites, including poutine, nearly the national snack dish of Canada.  Poutine is a bowl of fries, dotted with quality cheese curds, and smothered with brown gravy.

With all new construction and equipment, including 16 drink stations, the owners have made a big investment in the North end of Tower, and a commitment to “doing it right.”

“Montreal style” pizza is a slightly thicker crust and New York cut, something Northern Minnesotans aren’t used to.  Big hunks of fennel sausage decorated the pie, which was also ordered with pepperoni and onions.

The Montreal smoked meat sandwich was moist and full of flavor, as was the caraway rye it rested on.  Sandwiches are served with a pickle spear and slaw.

No complaints on the poutine, either,with ample-sized curds and house-made gravy.

On the beverage side, Shorty’s offers craft, domestic, and imported beers. Including a Canadian one or two.  Cocktails are available, and Jaeger mixes are featured.

Shorty’s is located on Tower Avenue in downtown Superior, and is open at 11 AM daily, with  menu specials and a soup of the day Monday through Friday.

Shorty’s Menu

Shorty's Pizza Superior Review

Sausage, pepp, onion pie

Shorty's Pizza Superior Review

Smoked Meat on Rye

Shorty's Pizza Superior Review


Shorty's Pizza Superior Review

Shorty’s Bar Area

Shorty's Pizza Superior Review

Pizza Ovens


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Shortys Pizza and Smoked Meat Review

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