St Charles Tavern Review New Orleans LA

St Charles Tavern Review New Orleans LA

SPOILER ALERT: Written with attitude. I used to go here A LOT. It became my go-to 24-hour place after another favorite, the Hummingbird closed. New Orleans is a strange town in that for being known as “party central” there’s never been a lot of late-night dining.  It’s changing gradually.

To the subject at hand. I used to go to the St Charles because they had a lengthy menu and among the 24-hour selections was breakfast and muffalettas.  Two things I hold near and dear.

For those of you not familiar with the muffaletta, it’s a New Orleans creation, Italian in nature, on a large round loaf, with Italian cold cuts, cheese, and olive salad. I’ve reviewed and explained its history a number of times here and here.  Have also previously written about this joint, the St. Charles, as well.

The Mighty Muffaletta

So here’s the deal on this sandwich.  You can get it all over town in some variation or another. Some serve it hot, some cold, some change up the olive salad recipe a little bit, some change the bread a little bit.  But in every location bar none, you are served the whole sandwich, unless you order a half, which a few places offer. That’s a half in the photograph above, but not from the St. Charles. At each of these aforementioned locations, the entire sandwich will cost you between $8 – $13.

Having been to the St Charles so many times in the past, I was confident stopping by, even tho it had been a while since I visited.  A friend cautioned “they’ve changed” but left it at that, with the implication the joint was going more “upmarket.”

I went in with a friend, about 9pm, place was about 1/4 full, and a few at the bar, took some time to get the server’s attention, menus and give drink orders.

Ordered the muff, my friend the red beans and rice (which require the purchase of an additional protein accompaniment, sausage or catfish. (????).

After way too long, the sandwich plate was brought to the table, placed in front of me, and I nicely inquired “where’s the rest of it?” (She had brought a quarter sandwich, and about 7 french fries).  “I didn’t order a quarter,” sez I.  “Oh, that’s the way we’ve always served it,” sez she.  Right. Did you hear my eyes roll?

Contemplate the sandwich  sitting in front of me, while we waited for the red beans, another very traditional Louisiana dish.  And waited. Waited. Waited some more.  After several additional reminders from me to the server, and plenty of “it’ll be right out” replies, it arrived more than 30 minutes after the sandwich (did I mention it was only a quarter of a sandwich? Imagine getting a quarter of a club sandwich).

The sausage was burnt and the beans were cooked past the point of oblivion.  $15 for that.  $10 for the quarter sandwich. Drinks. Really, she expects a tip?

The people working that night were “not all there” – is the most polite way I can say it.

I won’t be back.  I advise you to steer clear as well.  There’s a half dozen restaurants within one block of the St Charles.



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St Charles Tavern Review New Orleans LA