St. Paul, MN – Cecil’s Deli

What’s this BurgerDogBoy, a blip about a regular old sandwich? Well, you know my philosophy, if it’s meat between bread, it’s a burger in disguise!

Cecil’s has been around a half-century or so in the Highland Park neighborhood of St. Paul. I probably first walked in there 35 years ago, and it hasn’t changed, thank goodness. If you were just walking by and glanced in the window, you might not know the delights that wait behind the window, for in the front is the limited grocery section and meat counter. You have to walk thru a doorway in the back of the retail section to get to the restaurant.

One of those delis that offers a menu too long to be believed, I was in the mood for simplicity and went with a corned beef on seeded rye, you could choose 1/3 lb, 1/2 lb, or a 1 pounder. I opted for the middle option with creamy slaw on the side.

A damned fine choice on day in which a burger wouldn’t do!

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