Starbucks Turkey and Swiss Sandwich Review

“Sliced Natural Turkey Breast” (minimally processed says the labeling) with no artificial ingredients.  From the label, it’s not clear if “no artificial ingredients” refers to the “minimally processed” turkey, or the entire sandwich, but when one counts the number of ingredients in this turkey, Swiss, lettuce on wheat sandwich, with ‘sides’ of light mayo and mustard ….  the total number of participant ingredients totals over 50.

I’m not a scientist or a chef.  And it may well be that some or all of these ingredients “come” from natural products.   But I object, Starbucks.   And it’s time for labeling to be more specific, in this writer’s opinion.

This nearly six dollar sandwich, at 6.4 oz, comes out to $14.37 per pound, for those 50+ ingredients.  Lots of sugars and salts in that list.

The packaging states that the product is made exclusively for Starbucks, but it does not say by whom.  Just as processed or fresh meat must have a USDA plant number on each package, I’d like to see some origin indicator on every food product sold in the US.

Perhaps one can find out by the SKU or bar codes?

If you’re a frequent reader  you know I often “track down” the source of manufacturers;  merely a personal curiosity, I often learn about an operation I’ve never heard of, and find that interesting, hopefully you do too.

Starbucks Turkey and Swiss Sandwich Review

Starbucks Turkey and Swiss Sandwich Review

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