That Mesa, It’s a Real Butte!

I am an hour east of Butte, and exit on Hwy 287, gas and coffee stop, accomplish my business, and start back to I-90. Just before entering the westbound ramp, I spy the Wheat Montana Bakery and Deli on the other side of the interstate and stop to check it out. The Folkvord family has been farming these parts for generations, growing wheat, milling it, making flours, and end product baked goods which are now distributed nationwide. It’s the American dream.

I’ve been shopping bread a lot lately, looking for healthier alternatives, watching the carbs and the sodium, and am delighted with the selection at Wheat Montana. You can find it at an outlet near you, or buy some products online.

I immediately scooped up a couple of packages of hamburger rolls, which were in a cart near the door, at six for a half a buck. I picked up some garlic/herb bread for the freezer at home, and a loaf of rye swirl, which is really tasty and low carb.

The Folkvords operate a number of these bakery/delis across Montana, and they are available for franchising as well. It seems a ‘better approach’ to the national chains like Panera, I like the idea of farm to market goods. I suspect we will see more of this in the “new economy” and of course, Oregon is full of businesses like this. Wheat Montana offers myriad baked goods, specialty flours, and the delis have a lengthy selection of build to order hot and cold sandwiches, home made soups. (Menu).

Products are generally a little more spendy, and I’m not a locavore, but it’s always nice to contribute to small business’ success, when you can.

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