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Theos Pizza New Orleans ReviewFor the nearly ten years I lived in New Orleans, it was a city full of bad pizza and bad burgers; today it has its fair share of good outlets for both, and is the birthplace of one of America’s fastest growing pizza chains (which is awful, and I won’t bother to stop by and review).  In fact, my favorite pizza during my tenure was served at a local seafood restaurant in the ‘burbs.

Today’s occasion for venturing out in mid city was to grab a light repast within walking distance of BurgerDogDaughter’s domicile, and we sauntered into Theo’s, a local mini-chain for pies and craft beers.

Despite rather conventional ingredients and standard Baker’s Pride decks, Theo’s manages to churn out some really tasty pies; my daughter, knowing me as she does, ordered me a meat and olive combination. Her choice was the “Arti-Garlic”, which featured fresh garlic, sun-dried tomatoes, artichoke hearts, feta, peppers and mozzarella.  For a meat-centric guy like me, that was one good pie!  As was the meat one. Mild sauce, chewy / crispy crust, tasty processed pork products.

They close rather early as pizzerias go.  Worth a stop in the Big Easy. Menu.

 Theos Pizza New Orleans Review



Theos Pizza Review

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