Something You Thought You Would Never Hear From Me

I ate soy sausage and didn’t die.  With our good friend Nicole visiting from L.A. this week, we “spiced up” our home cuisine to suit her veggie palate, including some raw foods (tho I skipped dinner at the raw restaurant last nite.)

Mrs. Burgerdogboy and Nicole whipped up a vegetarian lunch spread today, and it was to paraphrase the adage about college professors (“eat, or perish!”).  So I did.

Personally scarfed a boatload of spinach and artichoke hummus, celery, peppers, eggplant, zuchini from the BurgerDogBoy condiment garden.

Then on to the “meat” of the matter, er meal.  Soy Sausage.  Specifically “Gimme Lean” brand.  Gingerly, the author lifted a patty to his pie hole.  Took a small bite…..think of seeing a toddler being forced to eat brocolli.

The author chewed, mulled, and said “hey, this isn’t so bad!”

And it wasn’t.    The package states the ingredients as :

Water, textured soy protein concentrate, soy flour, tapioca starch, soy sauce (water, soybeans, salt, wheat), less than 2% of: soy protein isolate, natural flavors (from vegetable sources), wheat gluten, soy protein concentrate, cellulose gum, natural cane sugar, sea salt, spices, soy milk powder, maltodextrin, barley malt extract, torula yeast, beet powder, salt, yeast extract.

The flavor was fine, reminiscent of inexpensive breakfast sausage.  Mrs. BDB had seared the outside, so it had a little crust.  The inside texture?  Still a little too much “give”, not the same tactile experience as real meat.

But I’m impressed.  It’s a year of spreading my culinary wings, and I am sure we will try other products from “Gimme Lean”.



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