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Some little known facts about Mrs. Burgerdogboy: ¬†she was raised by gypsies in the San Fernando Valley; because her family were travelers, there was no pizza place that could deliver, and, when G’ma wasn’t baking up mounds of from scratch Neapolitan style pizzas, Lido Pizza in Van Nuys was the family’s preferred provider.

Long story short, Mrs. BDB decided to surprise me with a Lido pie recently.

It’s a crust on the thinnish side, which I always prefer, crispy around the edge, nice and chewy as you work inward.

She took it upon herself to devise a combo she thought I would like, sausage, salami, meatball, and black olive, and it was superb.

The cheese was what struck me, tho, over the top in quantity and quality, the kind that stretches a foot when you lift a slice out of the box.

Thank you Mrs. BDB, I think I’ll keep you, as long as we can return to Lido next time we are in L.A.

Lido Pizza has locations in Van Nuys, Saugus, Canyon Country, Simi Valley, and Northridge.

Van Nuys, CA Lido Pizza


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