Wendy’s New Fries

I had been waiting to try these, always up for “new and improved” on just about anything (except Mrs. BurgerDogBoy, she’s already perfection!).   I had asked at several Wendy’s in the last few weeks, and got a resounding “nope, not yet,” but then I noted that they had a campaign running for a free order, so I figured it was time.

I stopped by my nearest outlet, hoping that “local participation may vary” did not apply to their store.    But after trying the fries, I think ads should tack on “quality control may vary by store,” as the new fries were nothing to write home about, or here, either, for that matter.

Wendy’s various tag lines are “real fries”, and “a natural-cut above,” saying these are naturally cut (not sure what that even means) from whole Russet potatoes, served hot and crispy with a sprinkle of sea salt “for a taste as real as it gets.”

OK.   I took my batch (the free serving is the value-sized, of course) out to the car with a ramekin of ketchup (I don’t use the stuff, but I owe it to you readers to check out the full range of possibilities, here).  The fries certainly appear to be cut from real potatoes, with a wee bit of peel left on them, and the sea salt, with its larger grains, is clearly evident.  My first chomp on one yielded no salty flavor, I guess once and awhile, the salt is gonna miss the taters.

Overall?   They are ok.  The flavor is reminiscent of McDonalds, whom many hold as the gold standard in fast food fries.   Mine weren’t particularly “crispy”, and cooled off fast, which led to an acute case of C.D., or crispy dysfunction.

Would I go there just for the fries? Maybe, if I was jonesing for some and it was handy.  Will it make me start eating their burgers again? Nope.  The Wendy’s burger, for me, has fallen out of the top 20.

So, all in all, good try, folks. Dave might be proud.  But I think he would have pushed you to make them even better.  And btw?   There’s an awful lot of tiny taters in those servings!

Wendy's New Fries

Wendy's New Fries

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