Winco Fresh Pizza

Winco, is the evolution of a grocery chain started in Boise, ID over 40 years ago. Under the original founders, Winco operated under various names like Waremart, and also operated outlets of Minneapolis-based Cub Foods.

An ESOP (employee share ownership plan) was effected, and control was transferred from the founders to the ESOP; stores were modernized, and the Winco name implemented chain wide. They currently operate in a number of Western states, and the store is known for low prices, and a “bag your own” policy.

In the front of many Winco stores are take-out pizzerias, and elsewhere in the store, you can find the fresh, unbaked pizzas, and even bags of the dough are available for purchase.

I picked up the “deli deep dish style” pizza for $6.99. This isn’t a true , but more appropriately “deep dish” style pizza as found in Chicagoshould be labeled a “thick crust” pizza. “True Chicago Deep Dish” pizza, doesn’t feature a thick crust, but rather a tall crust, filled with toppings, and baked in a deep pan. My personal favorite in the Windy City is Gino’s East, downtown.

The Winco pizza is topped with sausage, pepperoni, and black olive slices, and weighs in at a very impressive 2 pounds, 6 ounces.  Most frozen pizzas cost more and weigh less.

Instructions called for baking the pie at 425 for 12-18 minutes on the center  rack.  NOTE: there is a thin slice of paper between the pie and the cardboard, be sure you don’t slide this into the oven!

The photo below shows the uncooked pie, straight from the cello packaging.

Winco Take and Bake Pizza

At 17 minutes, the pie was done.  It’s a reasonable one, in terms of taste and texture, for take and bake, and better than most frozen ones that I would ordinarily purchase.  At the price point, it’s a good value.

Winco makes several different varieties, and if you aren’t in the mood to take one home, you can always get a hot slice at the counter up front.  (They will also make you custom take-and-bakes at the counter).



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