Home Pizza Crust – Take 3

Again, this time, I used King Arthur’s Perfect Pizza Blend Mix (see previous review).

I made it per the instructions precisely, although this time, I wanted to try and see what it worked ilke after freezing. So after a two hour initial rise, I tamped it down, put into a floured zip lock bag, and froze for two days.

I thawed it overnight in the refrigerator the day before I was going to use it, brought it up to room temperature in the bag, but did not try for another rise. Working with the dough was a dream, as before, the ability to roll it or stretch by hand was a task handled with ease.

This one was topped with ingredients already on hand, including canned Chef BoyArDee Pizza Sauce (store locator), Kraft Italian 5 Cheese (shredded bag), Gallo Dry Salami, Napoleon Sliced Green Olives (previous review here), and dried basil and garlic.

Preheated 500 degree oven on a stone with baking parchment. Ten minutes. My oven may be up to 50 degrees lower than set, so adjust your recipe accordingly.

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The results were fantastic. Chewy outer crust, soft in the middle. This version had some good “New York hang”  to it, that the previous freshly used dough did not, tho I am not sure why.

Salami did not char, cup, or leave pools of oil. Cheese melted well, overall flavor was above and beyond.

I’d like a dough sheeter, but this method still works well, and certainly makes a better product than I can have delivered, at least for my taste.

What’s with the “odd” shape?  Why, this is hand-made ARTISAN pizza, ya goof!  LOL

Pizza3 PNG2


Home Pizza Crust

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