Birmingham, AL – Sneaky Pete’s

On to “Sneaky Pete’s,” an Alabama based chain, sporting 60 outlets in the deep South, some of which are. franchised.  Started in Birmingham by the Graphos brothers (there’s that Greek thing again), Alabama, at least, seems to have embraced the Sneaky Pete’s concept and menu.  One can even purchase “Sneaky Pete’s” Secret Hot Dog Sauce in grocery stores.

I have to admit something here, folks.  While we are not talking gourmet cuisine, I do have SOME standards, and I further have to admit that I didn’t actually try a Sneaky Pete’s.  Well, I tasted the chili, which was adequate, nothing to stand out.  But after watching the “cook,” ring up orders, walk back to the freezer, grab two handfuls of hot dogs, throw them .into the deep fryer, shake the fryer basket, and shove her hand into the chopped onions, I kind of lost my appetite.  Where else those hands had been that day, I didn’t even want to contemplate.  Three words:  “plastic gloves lady!”

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