Canyonville, OR – Seven Feathers Casino & Truck Stop

Stopped here twice in recent days, once at the truck stop, once at the casino, which both straddle opposite sides of I-5 in Southern Oregon. Both establishments contain 24 hour coffee shops. Had breakfast the truck stop, middle of the night meal at the truck stop. Other reviews I have noted online take the opposite stance as me, I’d say make the truckstop your choice, and eschew the casino.

Breakfast items we received at the truck stop were delicious salty and buttery stuff, but middle of the night meals on the casino side, a cheeseburger and french dip, proved nearly inedible, despite manning up both with ample condiments, of the table variety, and of our own design.

The roast beef was rubbery, and the au jus was a scalding cup of brown flavorless bullion with an oil slick larger than the one in the gulf.

The burger was standard food service issue, a frozen 1/3 pound puck with tattooed grill marks.

I’ve been in here a few times in recent months, never caught the casino buffet open, but am probably no worse for the wear for that happening.

Truckstop meals yeah! Casino meals #fail.  Casino menu online.

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