Coalinga, CA – Burger King

Ugh.  I am changing my core belief about “any burger in a storm”…..even though I have been consuming burgers for the entire 116 years of myvexistence,  I have never had a BK whopper.  Wait, maybe I did have one once when I lost a bet with a vegetarian friend.  On my recent “playing kerouac”tour of America, I was attempting to crisscross the country several times on varying limited daily food budgets.  This segment I had limited myself to $3 a day, which in turn, pretty much restricted me to the various dollar menus.

Today’s stop was a Burger King out on  the fringes of the San Joaquin Valley, and at damned near the epicenter of the San Andreas Fault. (everyone has a fault, mine happens to be in California).

I perused the offerings of the dollar menu at the BK, while carefully adjusting the paper crown on my head, to get the full effect of the regal treatment of being a burger “king.”

I chose the Whopper Jr and the 6 portion order of “Cheesy Tots”.  Both were a disappointment of course, I’m not sure how much the patty weighs on the Whopper, Jr., about the same at the McDouble, I would suppose, probably tipping the scales at perhaps 2 full ounces (pre cooked weight).

I often wish I had started weighing the McD quarter pounder patties when they first came out, as I am convinced they are getting smaller and smaller. If you have a chance to try the Whopper, Jr….. you should pass.  Even sitting on top of the San Andreas Fault, chomping into one of these won’t make the earth move.


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