Duluth, MN – Coney Island Deluxe

The place that started it all, for me, at least in regards to my passion for “chili dogs.”  John and Peter Regis, (more Greeks!), started it all a million years ago.  Used to be 3 for a buck.  Now they are like 1.75 each.  Worth every farthing.  I used to be able to eat 6 @ a pop, now I top out @ 3.  I’ll have to get in shape and try for 6 again.   Coneys from Deluxe have played a significant part in every family event we have ever had!  Even out of state (thanks to my brother lugging the components around!). Two locations, downtown 1st Street, and also Miller Hill Mall. There is “another” Coney Island in town. Not the same folks or recipe.

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